Anisette Toast
A scrumptious toasted anisette flavored biscotti.
Chocolate Walnut Biscotti
A flavorful hard chocolate biscotti drizzled with white and dark chocolate.
Tuscan Orange Creamsicle
An orange butter cookie topped with white chocolate drizzle.
Apricot Finger
Butter sandwich cookie with apricot filling that is dusted with powdered sugar
Italian Butter
Italian butter cookie topped with sugar.
Cinnamon Chip Ring
A flavorful sour cream spritz cookie topped with cinnamon and chocolate chips.
Raspberry Drop
A flavorful butter cookie topped with a dollop of raspberry preserves.
Lemon Walnut Biscotti
Delectable hard lemon walnut biscotti drizzled with white chocolate.
Almond Biscotti
A delicious hard almond biscotti.
Soft Chocolate Almond Biscotti
A delicious soft almond biscotti swirled with chocolate, walnuts and Marschino cherries. It is topped with sliced almonds and dusted with sugar.
Caramel Ring
Caramel flavored butter cookie topped with a caramel drizzle.
Almond S
A flavorsome almond ā€œSā€ shaped cookie.
Cream Cheese
A scrumptious mix of cream cheese and butter with a hint of anisette flavor, decorated with rainbow non-pariels.
Fudge Finger
A delicious butter cookie filled with a layer of rich chocolate fudge.
Sicilian Lemon Drop
A luscious lemon cookie topped with powdered sugar.
Sesame Regina
Italian style cookie topped with sesame seeds.
Rainbow Sprinkle
A delicious butter cookie topped with rainbow sprinkles.
Raspberry Linzer
Raspberry preserve filled linzer sandwich cookie dusted with powdered sugar.
Italian Chocolate Chip Spritz
A delightful butter cookiestopped with chocolate chips.
Raspberry Finger
A butter sandwich cookie filled with raspberry, half dipped in chocolate and topped with rainbow non-pariels.
Chocolate Dipped Almond Biscotti
A delightful hard almond biscotti half dipped in chocolate.
Assorted Biscotti
A wonderful assortment of almond, chocolate walnut and lemon walnut biscotti.
Italian Wedding
A delicious almond flavored ball shaped cookie covered in powdered sugar.
Italian Cookies
Assorted Italian Cookies
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