Manhattan Style Desserts

Lemoncello Torte
This wonderful dessert starts with lemon pound cake. This luscious cake is then filled with lemon chantilly cream and topped with toasted streusel crumbs and powdered sugar.
Three layers of moist banana cake are soaked in banana syrup. This creation is filled with three layers of banana butter cream and banana ganache. We dip this tall cake in white banana ganache and simply drizzle chocolate ganache on top with a mix of chocolate cake crumbs and chocolate chips on the sides.
New York Colossal Cheesecake
A thick layer of creamy cheesecake set atop a thick and delicious graham cracker crust.
A dark chocolate brownie cake a layer of caramel and cheesecake on top. It is then dipped in chocolate ganache and surrounded by a mix of crumb topping and chocolate chips. This creation then erupts with a mound of chocolate mousse on top and dark chocolate truffle bombs around the entire edge. This is finished off with caramel, chocolate and white chocolate drizzle.
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