Retail Package

2pk Ind. Napoleon
Delicate pastry is filled with chantilly cream and decorated in the classic way
2pk Ind. Apple Crumble
A tart shell is filled with sliced apples and raisins that are soaked in honey. For a sweet taste, it is covered in streusel and drizzled with caramel
2pk. Ind. Raspberry Linzer Tart
A combination of hazelnut and cinnamon dough that is filled with premium raspberry preserves, topped with a marzipan lattice

2pk Ind. Cream Puffs
These giant puff pastries are filled with a light chantilly cream and topped with powdered sugar
Ind. Strawberry Shortcake
Layers of moist vanilla cake filled with delicious strawberry preserves and vanilla butter cream.
Ind. New York Blackout
Two layers of delicious chocolate cake with two layers of creamy choc. butter cream. Topped with a mix of choc. cake crumbs and choc. chips and dusted with powdered sugar
Ind. Carrot Cake
Two layers of moist carrot cake with two layers of smooth cream cheese. Topped with carrot cake crumbs
Ind. Fudge Double Cake
Two layers of delicious choc. cake with two layers of rich chocolate fudge. It is topped with choc. cake crumbs and choc. chips
Ind. NY Cheesecake
A creamy, rich and smooth cheesecake layered on top of a graham cracker base
Ind. Cappuccino Torte
Two layers of delectable vanilla cake with two layers of delicious cappuccino butter cream topped with a dollop of vanilla butter cream and dusted with cocoa powder
Ind. Red Velvet
Two layers of delicious red velvet cake filled with smooth cream cheese and topped with red velvet cake crumbs

Ind. Chocolate Lava
When heated for 25 seconds, this is a delightful choc. experience of erupting ganache over a mountain of moist choc. cake
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